Burns & Levinson has built a reputation as a go-to-firm for commerce between Israel and the United States. Whether you are an Israeli business seeking to engage in commerce in the U.S., or a U.S. business seeking to do business in Israel, Burns & Levinson serves as a strategic partner.

Israeli and domestic corporations and individuals establishing or expanding international business between Israel and the United States may need to consider matters of corporate finance, venture capital, technology licensing and commercialization, outsourcing, distribution, start-up ventures, joint ventures and strategic alliances, setting up subsidiaries, tax advice, immigration, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions. Burns & Levinson is able to provide more than tactical legal advice on these challenges. We provide value-added service to our clients, which includes access to strategic partners, U.S. capital, a network of contacts in relevant markets and the ability to navigate cross-culturally, with excellent, practical legal skills.

We also work closely with Israeli governmental agencies and institutions dealing with commerce, investments and grants for U.S.-Israel activities. Our attorneys follow local Israeli market developments and activities, making frequent visits to Israel. Attorneys fluent in Hebrew lead the practice.