Date & Time

Thursday, October 4, 2018
7:30am – 6:00pm


Hilton Boston Dedham
25 Allied Drive
Dedham, MA 02026

Burns & Levinson is again partnering with New York City-based Viridian Capital Advisors to present the Second Annual State of the Cannabis Industry Conference: Growth Opportunities for Professionals, Operators and Investors.

Information regarding tickets and registration can be found here.

The Panels

State of the Cannabis Industry

The conference will begin with an examination of where things stand presently, a reflection on all that has changed in the past year, and a look-ahead at what can be expected as legalized marijuana continues to come online in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Particular attention will be paid to federal and state law, and the evolution of the industry in light of the recent and continued influx of investors.

Follow the Money: Analyzing Capital Flow into the Legal Cannabis Industry

This panel will focus on the capital infusions necessary to launch, operate, or invest in the cannabis space, with Viridian providing deal-data insight regarding capital raises and M&A activity. Additional topics will include valuations and structures, as well as the involvement (or lack thereof) of certain investor types (e.g., traditional VCs, institutional investors, etc.) and strategic acquirers (e.g., Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, etc.).

How Tech & Data Are Shaping the Industry

The cannabis market is fast becoming hallmarked by innovation. From seed-to-sale software, to anti-money-laundering safeguards, to transaction-processing systems, this panel will delve deeply into the data and technology that are pushing the cannabis sector further into the 21st century.

Future of Banking in Cannabis

With the cannabis space projected to grow at a significant pace over the coming years, this panel will explore how banking has evolved to accommodate the needs of this vibrant and energetic industry. Topics will include the technology solutions that have become available to help marijuana-related businesses deal with the lack of traditional commercial banking services, how the Commonwealth accommodates the needs of the local industry, and the legal and regulatory framework surrounding cannabis investing/financing, and how it may change in the weeks, months, or years ahead.